domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Fuck the title, this is for you

We fuck ourselves in the flesh and in the soul. We fuck each other in the flesh and in the soul. We live to fuck. Fuck sex, fuck mind, fuck heart. We fuck to fuck. First I fuck your body, then I fuck your life and then I fuck your body again because you can't stand not to be fucked by me. We are the fucked ones. Each time I fuck you I am actually fucking myself. Come on, I love you, baby. Of course I just want to fuck you but I love you. And you want to be fucked by me, so you believe I really love your sorry ass to allow yourself to be fucked by me. And so, we live in a fucked world and in a country fucked by the rest of the world and fucked by ourselves. We love to fuck and we love to be fucked. The only thing we don't fuck ever is.... Our own ability to generate bullshit! Man... we are bullshit junkies! We open our mouths wide and put our asses way up in the air so we can be fucked deep by all the amount of bullshit we can find. We depend on bullshit to fuck and be fucked. Just don’t fuck me with your bullshit.

segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2012


When I think, I think of myself in all shapes an sizes, for I am full of nothing but myself, for I am my experience of the world. And when I'm in love, I am overwelmed with another that suddenly occupies all of me and becomes more important than myself. There is blood, and it is mine, and from another, rushing in my heart. So my body no longer is a cage, but it becomes the path. Love is a becoming.